Cinderblock: Obese cat is the new internet sensation!

Image Source: Facebook

We have a new internet sensation! Make way for Cinderblock, a 25-pound obese cat who has been going viral over the internet for the past few days.

So, eight-year-old Cinderblock was relinquished to the Northshore Veterinary Hospital as its owner was not able to take care of it due to personal issues. Now, this rotund feline’s morbid weight was impacting her quality of life adversely and the vets were helping her reduce weight through diet and exercise.

Cinderblock first made waves on the internet when the hospital put up a video of her purring adorably and lazing moving one of her four paws on a treadmill. Clearly, she was not on board with her exercise regimen. Cinderblock looked like most of us would on our first day to the gym!

Don’t believe us? Have a look at this video yourself!

The netizens took an instant liking to this not-so-little feline maybe because they identified with her. What do you think?

Many even rooted for her to lose some weight, cheering her and motivating her.

The Northshore Veterinary Hospital has been regularly posting more videos and pictures of Cinderblock on its Facebook page, updating Cinderblock’s fans across the world.

And a few days later, Cinderblock began using all her paws to walk on the treadmill! Have a look:

And after all that work, here is Cinderblock taking a rest day!

Cinderblock turned into such a celebrity overnight that she also had a photoshoot! Isn’t that amazing?

For more updates on Cinderblock, do follow the Facebook page of the Northshore Veterinary Hospital.

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