In CES 2019, LG Flaunts a Disappearing Television

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in early January, where nearly 200,000 technology enthusiasts, journalists, and industry bigwigs thronged Las Vegas to look at the cutting-edge tech trends in 2019.

While more than 4,400 companies made a proud display of their coolest gadgets, LG left onlookers amazed with its disappearing television. The South Korean electronics company unveiled a disappearing TV with a 65-inch screen. With the press of a button, the whole screen rolls down and disappears into its bespoke cabinet. Surprisingly, the TV will be able to play even if it’s completely rolled down. Besides, it will show a digital clock too when partially rolled down. The TV comes with a Dolby Atmos audio system too.

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LG came up with this revolutionary idea because it thought that televisions are way too big and interrupting these days. The company assures that this LG Signature OLED (model 65R9) will wholly transform your TV viewing experience.

The disappearing television will be available for purchase next year and LG is yet to reveal the price.

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