Photographer Teaches us a Thing or Two about Feeling Beautiful with Scars

A photographer by profession, Bethany Schrock made sure that the onlookers experience sheer aesthetic delight as she shared her masterpieces in social media. Her keen eye for perfection made her work stand out. But, she was insecure in her skin for a reason – Bethany was bearing a lot of pain inside. Doctors diagnosed a tumour lurking in her spinal cord and optic nerve. The recurring seizures plagued into her overall health thus her confidence. The left side of her body began to freeze too. The doctors suggested a surgery to save her from losing vision and falling prey to other virulent outcomes.

Soon after, she had to go through an intensive surgery that cured her illness but gave her some noticeable scars. Albeit difficult, Bethany embraced the pain and wore her scars as a badge of pride. She even posted bold pictures of them on social media to prove that beauty is not synonymous with perfection. She instantly became an inspiration to people who are fighting invisible illness as they derived a lot of positivity from her messages. Bethany believed one could come off stronger if they dealt with pain.

To bring body positivity, Bethany initiated a photography project where she photographed people who are combating invisible illness, demonstrating the trauma they undergo. See the video for more!

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