Scalite: A Design Company That is Converting Fish Scales into Tiles!

Fish scales from the aquaculture & fishing industries have been examined for their constructional makeup and are now being used as a sustainable raw material to create beautiful tiles for interior decoration that are both sustainable and elegant.

When several companies in the French Basque Region began to close. Erik de Laurens created Scalite, a unique substance that resembles stone but is formed entirely of fish scales. His inspiration came from the thought of finding another purpose for something that had been discarded for a number of years.

He was finishing up his Master’s degree in product design at the Royal College of Art in London at the time when he created Scalite.

Erik introduced the product to his friend Edouard de Dreuzy after branding the freshly formed material under the name Scalite, which is derived from its inherent nature, & after conducting experiments with the design in the first attempts that resulted in the production of goggles, beakers, & other prototypes. They decided to establish the company Scale together, with a firm commitment to the manufacturing of ocean-friendly materials.

How does it work?

Sardine, salmon, and other fish scales are made up of two distinct phases in nature: an organic phase and a mineral phase. When combined with the mineral component derived from the remaining scales, the collagen, which is removed from the organic phase during the production process, serves as a biopolymeric binder.

These components form the foundation of the slab-like material that is subsequently crushed to produce sheets of various sizes after being combined.

Because of the natural composition of the raw materials, no additional binders, chemicals, or additives are required during the process, and the finished product is a VOC-free, 100% fish scale-based material.


This product is particularly well suited for internal walls, furnishings, horizontal or vertical displays in stores, offices, and home accessories. It has a density of roughly 1.4 g/cm3 and a surface and appearance similar to stone.

Natural dyes are utilized to create the six standard tones, but custom colors are also offered upon request. It has already been applied to wall coverings, coffee tables, desks, and customized home elements like pedestals, hooks, and logos.

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The material is completely recyclable and fire resistant in addition to being environmentally safe, making it ideal for interior design purposes in retail and hospitality venues.

Efficacy & Design

In contrast to certain other bulkier slab mineral materials, scalite may be worked with standard woodworking equipment including routers, circular saws, & CNC milling. If necessary, the material may be directly bonded onto plywood or gypsum boards, making it ideal for designs with invisible joints.

It takes minimal maintenance and doesn’t require the application of detergents because it naturally repels dirt. As it is water-soluble as well, a surface coating is required for humidity protection. At the moment, tiles with dimensions of 300 x 300 and 600 x 600 mm & a thickness of 12 mm are being produced.

Material Grasp Of Scalite

As awareness grows about the impact of material choices on the environment, considering the entire lifecycle of a product, including sourcing, waste management, recyclability, and return to nature, is becoming increasingly important in the field of design. It is crucial to prioritize this perspective

Scalite’s 100% bio-sourced composition, favorable mechanical properties, and workability, combined with the company’s dedication to producing non-toxic, non-harmful products, make it an excellent and responsible option for sustainable design.

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