7 Untold Facts About House of the Dragon

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The English Civil War of the 12th century served as inspiration for the plot of House of the Dragon.

Loosely inspired by actual events

Had an estimate of 10M views.

HOD is now undoubtedly the most-watched series premiere in HBO history.

It was made to be more asymmetrical in order to  match the description in George Martin's books.

The throne was altered.

The cast learnt a fake dialect.

the language combines Latin and Arabic.

The actor injured a disc in his neck while doing a stunt in Portugal.

 Matt Smith got injured.

The series will feature 17 different dragons.

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They put a lot of effort into giving each one its own style and personality.

7 other GOT-related projects, including a stage play and 3 live-action prequels are in the works.

More GOT spinoffs in the future.

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