8 Bestsellers from Books A Million

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This tale was inspired by the King Midas legend, fairies, destined romance, and insatiable greed.

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The Way Back Home

The novel leads you deep into the night, where you encounter a spirit and receive a key that might take you back home.

I'm Glad My Mom Died

This book can be described as a terrifying and mordantly humorous coming-of-age tale.

Ordinary Monsters

this book is a mountain of originality, Dickensian eccentricity, supernatural horrors, and intense tension.

The 6:20 Man

In David Baldacci's latest thriller, a mysterious death draws a former soldier into the corruption and menace.

The It Girl

The book narrates a mystery that follows a lady who, ten years after the murder of her friend, is still looking for answers.

The Atlas Six

The Alexandrian Society selects 6 of the most brilliant magicians. The chosen will guarantee a powerful and wealthy existence.

A Court of Silver Flames

The path of previously established character, Feyre's sister Nesta, is continued in Sarah J. Maas's imagined series.

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