8 companies that might save the world!

Memphis Meat

They use biotech to take animal stem cells and eventually transform them into delicious muscular tissue, or meat all in a lab.

Image Source:  verdict.co.uk


Their system gives liquid nutrition to crops at the cellular level without harming soil due to nanotechnology.

Image Source:  newsroom.siliconslopes.com


A pair of shoes is donated to a child in need everytime a product is sold. They produce and package their products using recyclable and vegan materials.

Image Source: blogs.rochester.edu

Image Source: greenamerica.org

Products from SolarWindow are 50x more effective than rooftop solar and composed of organic materials.

SolarWindow Technologies

Bios Urns

Bios Urns offers biodegradable urns that transform cremated ashes into trees.

Image Source: pinterst.com

Bergey Wind Power

Bergey's strategy promotes people to use renewable energy by providing small enterprises and homeowners with turbines at an affordable price.

Image Source: en.wind-turbine-models.com

Skipping Rocks Lab

offers a substitute for plastic bottles. Ooho is entirely biodegradable as it is produced from plants and seaweed.

Image Source: globetrender.com


As an apparel brand, they advise clients to mend and make do with what they already have instead of buying more.

Image Source: strategyzer.com

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