8 unusual transparent animals

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The forehead of the barreleye is entirely transparent and can be found in the deep ocean.

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Glasswing Butterfly

Glasswing butterflies can be found in Central America and some regions of South America.

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Glass Frog

The family Centrolenidae, or glass frogs, includes more than 100 different species of amphibians. The majority are various shades of green.

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These tiny crustaceans, also called ghost shrimp, have practically transparent shells and are found in natural, ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Glass Shrimp

Transparent Sea Cucumber

The digestive system of this sea cucumber is spectacularly visible due to its extreme transparency.

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Glass Octopus

Although little is known about this species, it can be found in tropical and subtropical waters.

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Tortoise Shell Beetle

There are several species of tortoise beetles, and all them have distinctive and attractive patterns.

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Crocodile Icefish

These are the only vertebrates that have been identified as being white-blooded and lack hemoglobin.

Image Source: quantamagazine.org

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