at the Colorado State Fair’s annual art competition

AI generated artwork for the win -

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The annual art competition at the Colorado State Fair was awarded in all the customary categories, including painting, quilting, and sculpture.

Allen, a game designer from Pueblo West, Colorado, won the first prize in the category of "digital arts/digitally-manipulated photos".

Allen's winning art is a vivid, surreal blend of a Renaissance and steampunk artwork. this was One of three pictures he submitted.

he produced the artwork Using Midjourney, an AI program that transforms text into hyper-realistic graphics.

This piece of art by Jason M. Allen is one of the first artificial intelligence-generated works to receive such a prize.

By entering words into a text box, AI tools this year with names like DALL-E 2/ Midjourney have made it feasible to construct intricate & photorealistic art.

These AI-generated artworks have sparked criticism from many who believe that these apps are essentially a high-tech version of plagiarism.

11 artists submitted a total of 18 works of art under the same genre for the emerging artist division.

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