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on 3rd sept 2022 and might happen again on 5th sept 2022

an aurora spotted at minnesota

On 3rd sept. 2022, Minnesotans were treated to an excellent glimpse of the northern lights, and many of them took their cameras out to capture the moment.

According director of meteorology at WCCO, between 10 p.m. sun. and 1 a.m. monday , In the green-shaded region of the gif below, there will be another chance to view the aurora

Since August 19, the northern lights have appeared six times in the Upper Midwest, most recently on September 3.

Over several hours, the display changed incessantly, endlessly reinventing itself. people were enthralled as they observed pulsating patches, phalanxes of spear-like rays, and sinuous arcs.

While green dominated, there were also sporadic bright red-tipped rays that occasionally entered the picture.

The reason behind this lovely ruckus was a hole or opening in the sun's corona that allowed fast-moving particles to pour towards Earth.

Around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, a dazzling beam shone briefly under the Big Dipper.

The best year for sunspots and aurora in a decade was 2022. This is due to the fact that solar activity has been increasing quickly as the sun approaches the peak of its 11-year cycle.

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