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Better call saul series finale concluded on 15 aug

             Best drama series on TV by NPR

The last season of Better call Saul premiered in April 2022 and aired its season finale recently on 15 August 2022.

This layered spinoff was nominated for over 30 Emmys

Better call Saul serves as a prequel and a sequel to the famous drama series Breaking bad

Resolved some loose ends,and served as a heart wrenching goodbye to one of TV’s most brilliant dramas.

The last episode of the series titled “Saul Gone” answered a bundle of flaring fan questions.

Better call Saul’s sixth and final season documents Jimmy McGill’s complete transformation into his alter ego Saul Goodman.

Where Saul Goodman and Kim Wexler are seen signing their divorce papers. Fans can now see Kim’s post Albuquerque fate.

The 12th episode of the series leads fans straight to the Breaking Bad days

Gene’s rash behavior makes sense since the audience knows what was said in his phone call with Kim.

“Waterworks” shows Gene breaking into Mark’s home while Jeff is out front parked in his getaway cab

So Gene calls his mom to bail him out but when he accidentally mentions Albuquerque, she puts all the pieces together.

Because of his recklessness he barely escapes Mark’s house but Jeff gets arrested

Towards the end of the episode Gene is seen running for cover, this is where the finale picks up.

After Gene’s arrival Marion threatens to expose Saul Goodman’s whereabouts.

Infact Jimmy and Kim are seen with new leases on life towards the end.

Surprisingly no one dies in the series finale

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