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Classic films to mark Will Smith's Birthday

King Richard is a biographical sports drama released in 2021 directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green.


2. After Earth

Will and Jaden play military general and his son in the movie "After Earth," which is set in the 31st century.

3. Ali

This captivating biopic recounts Muhammad Ali's ascent as the greatest and most controversial boxer.

4. Men In Black

Released first in 1997, this sci-fi action flick based on a Marvel comic book contains four films.

5. Bad boys for life

Miami detectives look into a series of homicides connected to a turbulent past in the film Bad Boys for Life.

6.Six Degrees of Separation.

The plot of this movie was influenced by a true story of con man who duped many people into believing he was a famous actor's son.

The central themes of this 2006 movie is determination, never giving up, and survival.

7. The Pursuit of Happyness

This 2015 film is based on a career con artist who mentors a would-be femme fatale.

8. Focus

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