to re-enroll 10,000 former students.

The college system in NYC begins a campaign :

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CUNY has undertaken a significant campaign to reconnect with 10,000 former students who left school without completing their degrees and persuade them to return.

A team of outreach workers are employed by the new initiative, "CUNY Reconnect," to get in touch with students who have some college credits but not a degree.

It can be intimidating to return to school after a long absence, Making the readmission process personalized and welcoming might ease the adjustment says CUNY Chancellor.

The mass outreach was inspired by a newspaper's estimate from the previous year that approx. 700k NYC people of working age had taken some college courses but did not graduate.

Most of these students have already incurred a significant financial burden associated with attending college, but they aren't benefiting from the advantages that come with a degree.

An initial drive to reach 10,000 students out of an estimated 100,000 former CUNY students has already begun as part of the programme.

The pandemic probably made things even worse as enrolment at CUNY's community institutions fell precipitously.

Adrienne Adams, the speaker of the city council from Queens, advocated for the proposal to receive $4.4 million in funding for this initiative.

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