Video Source: Youtube/RamenaSaidWow

Decoded: The Viral Crinkle Cake on TikTok

The TikTok food trend "crinkle cake" is gaining popularity as a new favorite dessert recipe.

The ingredients for crinkle cake, which has Middle Eastern origins, include phyllo dough, syrup, and custard.

Ramena, a TikToker, uploaded a video of herself making the cake, which led it to go viral.

The Chicago-based baker revealed that the inspiration for crinkle cake came from a Middle Eastern dessert with a different name.

known as "muakacha" the English translation of the Arabic word is "wrinkled."

The syrup added on top of the cake is made of sugar, water, and 12 drops of lemon juice.

Ramena has played with different varieties of crinkle cake such as raspberry chocolate, white chocolate and caramel apple.

Tiktok Dessert

Tiktok cake resembles baklava, another phyllo pastry that Americans might be more acquainted with.

Tiktok Cake

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