Dine at 1,820 feet -123F Lounge, South Korea.

The spacious 123F Lounge is located 555 meters (1,820 feet) above ground in Seoul on the top floor of the Lotte World Tower.

According to its official website, the tower is the tallest structure in the country and the sixth tallest structure in the entire planet.

It takes more than just stepping on and off an elevator to go to the restaurant; the entire process can easily take up to an hour.

The observatory has several stories and enormous windows that provide a panoramic 360-degree view of the city.

The restaurant is spacious yet cozy, with comfortable chairs and lighting at each table.

The 123F Lounge can be booked for special occasions like wedding receptions and product launches. it is also the ideal location for a romantic dinner.

On the 118th story is the Sky Deck, which has a glass floor that allows you to see the entire distance of 1,568 feet between your shoes and the street far below.

Small cafes can be found on the 119th and 122nd floors as well as other attractions on each story.

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