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2022 Winner 

  Doodle for Google 


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Doodle for Google is an annual contest that encourages artworks suited to a particular theme from across the USA.

The theme for 2022 was “I care for myself by…”.

The panel of judges which included Selena gomez shortlisted 1 winner from each US state.

The next round comprised of Public voting to decide national finalists.

Sophie hails from Florida and is a student of Martin county high school.

Out of the 5 finalists the judges made their decision to crown Sophie Araque-Liu as the winner.

Sophie’s artwork for Doodle for Google 2022  is titled “Not Alone”

In her brief description of the theme Sophie writes “I care for myself by accepting others’ care for me”

Florida teen’s message definitely resonated with the judges making her this year's winner!

Sophie’s doodle will be featured on Google’s homepage and in chrome for the entirety of 16th August.

In addition to that, she will receive a $30,000 college scholarship and also a technology award for her school of $50,000

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image credits: tcpalm.com