black hole's sound is now audible to human ears!

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NASA Reveals:

Images and video: NASA

when a star dies, its gravitational field is so strong that the matter is forced into a confined region beneath it, trapping the light from the dead star - this is how a Black hole is formed

The matter is compressed into a very tiny space, which is why gravity is so strong. People cannot see black holes because no light can escape from them. They are invisible.

Due to the fact that much of space is a vacuum, sound waves cannot travel there, this is where the myth that there is no sound in space comes from.

Astronomers found that the black hole's pressure waves generated ripples in the cluster's heated gas that could be translated as a note.

The information originates from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, and the galaxy cluster shown here is called Perseus.

There is so much gas in a galaxy cluster that NASA recorded an actual sound!

250 million light-years away, a supermassive black hole has been captured on audio in this chilling NASA release.

With the recent revelation of a new sound emanating from the cosmic object by NASA, the ominous and eerie nature of Back Hole has been further enhanced.

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