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GOT prequel :

This tale describes the Targaryen civil war, which occurred roughly 200 years before the events depicted in "Game of Thrones."

In "House of the Dragon," the royal Targaryen dynasty of King's Landing takes center stage.

In the prequel, Paddy Considine portrays the ascent to power of King Viserys Targaryen, setting the stage for the story.

Several years into Viserys' reign as king, he is desperate for a male heir to succeed him on the Iron Throne. His only child is Princess Rhaenyra.

Viserys' wife is expecting the male heir he dreams of. Daemon, Viserys, is the next in line to the Iron Throne if Viserys doesn't have a son.

Viserys orders a jousting competition with all of Westeros' strongest knights to honor the birth of his child, but Queen Aemma goes into labor during the match.

There are some complications with the delivery, and Viserys is faced with an unpleasant decision: lose both or sacrifice one.

Viserys decides to sacrifice Aemma and remove the child as he is desperate for an heir. This leads to the world's most horrific, medieval C-section, which ultimately kills Aemma and the infant boy.

Other family members strive to fill the void left by the miscarried birth by wielding swords and fire-breathing monsters to take the upper hand.

In contrast to the first competition, it appears that much of the treachery will take place within one dysfunctional family rather than among the numerous houses of Westeros.

House of the Dragon is a Captivating series filled with extravagant grandeur and stunning visual splendor.

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