LA is painting its roads with solar-reflective paint.

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Solar-reflective paint is being used in a Los Angeles neighborhood to prevent the so-called urban heat island effect.

1 million square feet of roads, parks, and parking lots in Pacoima have just been painted by the GAF Cool Community Project team.

The paint contains specialized additives that reflect infrared light, which means the painted pavements will absorb less heat.

The initiative follows a series of harmful heat waves that affected more than 16 million Americans in the U.S.

It has already cooled the surface by roughly 10 to 12 degrees in Pacoima, demonstrating the potential for a low-cost yet powerful upgrade.

A local artist was hired to create a number of vibrant murals on a basketball court, a school playground, and a parking lot. the majority of the surfaces have been painted a light shade of gray.

The idea is based on a unique coating called Invisible Shade. There are 14 hues in the Invisible Shade collection, but custom colors are also an option.

The Pacoima project was managed by roofing bigshots, GAF, as a philanthropic venture.