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labor day 2022

Labor Day is Monday on 5th September. This day is usually marked by parades, picnics and fireworks

On labor day, honoring the accomplishments of American labor, most major retailers and supermarket stores will be open, unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas.

On Monday, post offices will be closed, and the US Postal Service won't be making any mail or package deliveries.

However, according to the corporations, key services like FedEx Custom Critical and UPS Express Critical will still be available on labor day.

On monday, the majority of public and private schools are closed. although one can look at their own school's or district's calendar to be sure.

Before going shopping on Labor Day, make sure to check with your neighborhood pharmacy. While the hours may change, shops like CVS, Walgreens, and others will be open.

On this day, most banks will be closed, although some services may still be accessible through ATMs and bank mobile apps but all Federal Reserve Banks will be shut.

The New York Stock Exchange and other American financial markets will be closed on Monday. On Labor Day, Nasdaq Inc.-run exchanges will also be closed.

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