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The plot of "SALT" centers on the far-off planet Kaplan 3, where an abundance of mineral salt causes dangerous consequences.

Fabian Stelzer is the creator of Salt. He is not a filmmaker, but he has been primarily using AI to produce this series of short films.

The image-generation software used by Stelzer includes Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and DALL-E 2.

He primarily creates voices using AI voice generation tools like Synthesia or Murf.

Stelzer employs a text-generator called GPT-3 to assist him in script writing.

another intriguing aspect of this series is that the viewers can vote on what should happen after each new installment.

Stelzer uses AI tech to quickly create the plots of his next movies while incorporating the poll results.

The finished films are stunning, enigmatic, and sinister. Each movie is under two mins long and available on Twitter.

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