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gamers can now mute speech in public places


With Shiftall's upcoming Mutalk microphone, you can silence your online rants by placing the device over your mouth.

The Mutalk is marketed by Shiftall, a Panasonic subsidiary, as a gaming and VR accessory prepared for the metaverse.

The straps that hold the chassis to the user's face does not interfere with VR headsets or headphones.

The voice is captured inside the Mutalk by a microphone and sent over via Bluetooth to a phone, computer, or headset.

Mutalk can detect when it is being worn, and it instantly starts broadcasting over Bluetooth.

users will sound normal to the person on the other end of the voice chat, possibly even better given the sound isolation provided by the Mutalk.

on the other hand it would be difficult or impossible to overhear the users. Shiftall claims that the Mutalk can reduce speech volume by roughly 30 dB.

Priced at (¥19,900) around $140, the Mutalk will be available from November 2022.

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