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Latest at the white house: 

Barack and Michelle Obama unveiled their official portraits

On Wednesday, the official portraits of the Obamas were unveiled at the White House.

This was the first time in ten years that a president in office welcomed former leaders to the unveiling of the portraits.

This was a tradition that came to an end since there was no unveiling during the Trump presidency.

Artists Robert McCurdy for the president and Sharon Sprung for the first lady were chosen for this once-in-a-lifetime task.

Former President Obama is depicted in the painting as a man standing in the middle of the canvas wearing a black suit and a grey tie.

Michelle Obama, is depicted sitting on a sofa in the Red Room while donning a traditional blue outfit. According to Sprung, the procedure took 18 months.

According to Obama, these portraits are particularly significant and that "it was crucial to find the right people to paint them."

In his remarks at the unveiling, Biden reflected on the Obamas' successes while serving as the nation's first couple and noted that they created history.

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