Optimus by Tesla: first look on 30 Sep 

image source: barrons.com

On Sep 30, a prototype of Tesla's Optimus humanoid robot will be unveiled at the Tesla AI conference.

image source: gizchina.com

Musk stated that the humanoid robot Optimus is being developed by Tesla's AI and autopilot teams.

image source: reuters.com

Optimus is capable of performing any task that a person would find tedious, risky, or uninteresting.

Optimus, the humanoid robot, will use 8 cameras to operate, just like the autopilot system.

image source: reuters.com

The robot is expected to be less expensive than a car. Optimus could cost roughly $25,000.

The Humanoid will have a screen on its head to facilitate communication with humans.

video source: Youtube/Tech Division

image source: reuters.com

In around two years, Optimus should enter mass production and eventually the market.

image source: mi.com

humanoids are the latest trend in AI. On Aug 11th, 2022, Xiaomi unveiled its own robot, the CyberOne.

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