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Aug 16th marks 45 years since Presley’s demise

45 years later he still holds the title for the king and one of the greatest American pop icons.

His first musical influences were pop and country music at that time with a bit of black R&B.

Elvis was born on 8th Jan 1935 in Tupelo, US where he also got his first guitar.

His singing career started with Sun Record Labels in 1954, Memphis.

After his first 5 singles, by 1956 he was an international sensation

Apart from being a musician, Elvis starred in 33 films and also served the US Army for 2 years!

The king bought rock and roll in the US with a tinge of blues,country and funk.

As a leading american artist 90 of his records have reached the charts while 10 of them reached #1

Presley has been a recurring idol in the pop industry

From a jukebox musical (2004) to an EDM mix (2010) to many documentaries (latest 2018- the searcher).

His most recent biopic “Elvis” was released in june 2022 played by Austin Butler

the king collapsed at the age of 42 allegedly due to cardiac arrest in Memphis on 16 aug 1977.

On his 45th death anniversary fans from everywhere have joined for a candle vigil at Presley’s boulevard.

“We are all a part of his legacy, each one of you” said the longtime deejay on “Elvis Radio” during the Vigil

As he lead them into the street to honor the King of Rock and Roll

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