Sneak Peak: Elie Saab pre fall collection

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The pre-fall collection from Elie Saab focuses on these 3 key components- Sequins, Color and Feathers.

The effervescent collection is a statement of untamed energy and passion and is rich in textures, furious in lines, and fresh in tones.

It features elegant day options and several items designed with rather masculine fabrics which is new to the brand.

From the silver gradient sequin jumpsuit to a glittering gold party romper, feathers punctuate various designs to add frivolity and fancy.

Evening dresses make a bold statement with their multicolored splash embroidery and transparent layers .

The color palette is elegant and rich, with hues like violet, fern green, golden beige and deep teal.

Elie Saab's pre-fall collection, which is titled "Breath of Wild," aims to evoke a sense of fervor and vitality.

The aspects of Saab's ready to wear fits that draw the most attention are the couture-like accents.

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