Image & Video Credits: instagram/Onejessa

These Installations Are Made From Bees!

For the past two years, Australian artist Jess Bush has been compiling dead honey bees.

Her incredible act of environmental advocacy, and mind-blowing artistic ability are more than just an obsession.

Bee orbs are put together by Jess to create these mesmerizing installations.

The artist carefully measures the liquids used to create the glassy spheres wearing a protective suit.

Every veined wing and antenna of each honey bee is amplified by the curves of the object and is fully preserved.

100s of them are hung together to create ethereal shapes that alternate between appearing solid, liquid, and gaseous.

The artist says that the procedure is hazardous, meticulous, and slow.

Jess will be constructing a floating cathedral, her largest installation till date, for her next venture.

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