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Upcycling Telephone Booths Looks Fun!

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British Telecom started renting out antique phone booths for £1, especially encouraging community-oriented uses.

As a library 

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As A Pub

In the UK, an abandoned phone box was converted into a new "pub" called The Dog and Bone.

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As A Confessional 

The "Confessional" phone booths, are placed on London streets occasionally next to regular phone booths.

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This Florida town of Pensacola converted a phone booth into an ATM.

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As A Defibrillator

 Phone booths have been converted into devices that that give people lifesaving electric shocks after a heart attack

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As A Doorway

In Regesbostel, Harburg, Germany, a pub's entrance is a converted phone booth.

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As An Aquarium

The vertical goldfish aquariums in Osaka, Japan, were met with smiles wherever they went.

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As A Nightclub

The smallest nightclub in the UK consists of a music system, disco lighting, and even a glitter ball.

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