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Vegas intends to win against water crisis :

Water conservation must be a way of life for a city in a desert. Vegas is relying on these radical water-saving techniques to keep the faucets running :

1. Banning indoor pools

The construction of enormous swimming pools or spas at single-family houses is no longer permitted in Las Vegas.

2. reusing every drop of indoor water

The Water Authority concentrates most of its conservation efforts on outside water. But it is possible to recycle indoor water.

3. Vegas Strip turning water concious 

All new ornamental water features at resort hotels could be prohibited by the Vegas Valley Water District unless they are entirely indoors.

4. removing "nonfunctional" grass

Vegas Valley Water District has forbidden grass and spray irrigation systems on all newly constructed properties since April. Cemeteries, schools are exempt.

5. strict irrigation schedules

The Water Authority also has a seasonal rotational irrigation plan. Watering is never allowed on Sundays and is always arranged by the neighborhood.

6. spotting water wasters

Water waste inspectors will get in touch with property owners, point out the waste, and give them a chance to solve the problem. The owners will be fined if they don't.

7. Harvesting rain water

This summer, Vegas had a couple of monsoonal rainstorms that led to the recovery of some of the drought in the area but also left behind great damage.

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