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major update on Windows 11

Sept 20 might bring a

For the past few months, Microsoft has been testing Windows 11 22H2.

Users of Windows 11 will be able to install Windows 11 22H2 for free.

A contemporary UI with updated volume and brightness sliders        will be present in 22H2.

The Taskbar will regain the ability to drag and drop files into app icons, a feature
That was absent from Windows 11's initial release.

When space is limited, the new Windows 11        taskbar overflow menu will make it easier  to navigate between open apps.

Gaming is one of the highlights of Windows 11, and Microsoft is elevating the  experience by including Games Pass into the Widgets board.

Updated graphics drivers from Intel now support Windows 11 version 22H2, which is scheduled to debut later this year.

Only supported PCs will have access to version 22H2. Users can check for  upgrade compatibility by looking through a registry entry.

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