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Winnie the Pooh is coming for you :

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the first trailer for Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey is out now, the lovable bear has turned maniacal and is thirsting for revenge.

The trailer depicts a fairly typical slasher movie, in which two murderers with axes terrorize a bunch of teenage girls.

It's amusing that these two sickos are portrayed as the original Piglet and Pooh, only older and more deranged.

Due to the copyright expiration earlier this year, "Winnie the Pooh" became public domain, and the gruesome, horror movie adaptation of the beloved characters has since gained fame.

Pooh and Piglet, who have endured years without eating as Christopher Robin grew up and forgot about them, are the main characters of the film.

the main cast of the movie are Pooh played by Craig David Dowsett, Piglet by Chris Cordell, and Christopher Robin by Nikolai Leon.

The Disturbing Trailer For Rhys Waterfield's Dark Adaptation Of The Beloved Children's Book Winnie The Pooh Exposed The Bear's True Animalistic Instincts.

It's always fascinating to observe how an iconic figure might change through time as a result of many interpretations: The release date is still TBD

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