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Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels In The World 2022

There are hotels which are no less than heaven on earth.  Here is a list of World's most expensive hotels to pamper yourself.

Ty Warner Penthouse

United States

New York,

Located on the very top floor of the building, the 52nd to be exact; the $400 square-metre suite cost approx $50 million dollars to complete.

Per Night

The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life


George Bernard Shaw

The Mark Penthouse at The Mark Hotel

Grand Penthouse is the largest hotel suite penthouse in the United States, covering a whopping 10k sq ft.

      United States


 Per Night

Hotel President Wilson



The Royal Penthouse occupies the entire 8th floor of the hotel and offers a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc

Per Night

Empathy Suite
at The Palms

       United States

Las Vegas,

You get 2 master bedrooms, massage tables, a cantilevered jacuzzi that overlooks the Las Vegas strip, a salt relaxation room

Per Night

Lover’s Deep – Luxury Submarine Hotel 

 At $150,000 a night, the Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel is the most expensive hotel in the world.


St Lucia, 

 Per Night

I think best in a hot bath, with my head tilted back and my feet up high.


- Elizabeth Jane Howard

Every luxury must be paid for, and everything is a luxury, starting with being in this world.


-  Cesare Pavese

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