Would you play this psych horror game?

Image Credits: hitc.com

H.R. Giger is still regarded as one of the most important artists in popular culture despite having passed away in 2014.

His visionary design served as the inspiration for the eerie video game "Scorn," developed by the Serbian studio Ebb Software.

Scorn is a first-person puzzle game about discovering ancient civilizational ruins.

Players assume control of an unnamed protagonist who awakens in a biomechanical factory at the beginning of the game.

Players begin with nothing, but as they progress in their mission, they acquire tools and weapons.

The game doe not come with any dialogues, which gives the players the freedom to discover this game on thier own.

The final objective is quite hazy. Developers abandon the players in this enigmatic universe to figure everything out on their own.

Early estimations indicate that one can anticipate playing the new horror game for between 3 and 15 hours.

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