4 New Units Of Measurement Have Been Added In The Metric System!

Newsum |  Author : Akanksha Choudhary Published Nov 25 2022

Scientists have introduced 4 new units of measurement: Ronna, Ronto, Quetta, and Quecto!

The General Conference on Weights and Measures (GCWM)’s conference saw the adoption of the new prefixes by scientists.

According to the CIA, the new prefixes are a component of the International System of Units, also known as the metric system. 

The new prefixes can be used with any of the seven metric base units: grams (g) for weight, meters (m) for length, seconds (s) for time

The new names begin with the letters “r” and “q,” which are the only ones that aren’t already designated in the metric system.

For huge objects, the end letter is always a “a,” while for small things, the end letter is always a “o.”

Ronna and Quetta are the ideal scale to assist astronomers in accurately weighing planets.

The new measures might potentially be useful for researchers studying extremely minute objects in fields like particle and quantum physics.

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