Adjustments To Make Your Christmas Celebrations More Sustainable!


Here are some changes that you can make for a cleaner & greener Christmas!


When you have little storage space, renting tree is a very practical choice.

Rent a  Christmas Tree


Decorate with  LED lights

In addition to saving you money and energy, LED lights are more effective, robust and long-lasting than fluorescent and incandescent lights.


Independent bookshops have been severely impacted by the pandemic. On the Booksellers Association website, support them as you do your holiday shopping.

Back independent bookshops


Toys don’t have to be made of plastic or come from China to entertain kids. Numerous UK businesses provide options that foster imagination.

Purchase environmentally conscious toys


Purchase more sustainable clothing

The best environmentally friendly method of dressing is to use what you already own in your wardrobe, but if you must purchase clothing, make sure to buy "better".


Due to the poor pay and tax evasion practices of the tech industry, it’s important for consumers to check out Ethical Consumer’s ethical rating system before making a purchase.

Avoid conflict  minerals in tech

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