8 Healthy & Delicious Plant-Based Dinners for a Healthier Lifestyle

January 10, 2023

Editor: Akanksha Choudhary


Falafel Salad 

Most frequently, it is offered as an appetizer with a dip or as a sandwich in a pita. 

Moroccan chickpea stew 

This stew incorporates Moroccan characteristics that make it taste sophisticated and vibrant.  

Tofu curry recipe 

This tofu curry is based on a Southeast Asian red curry using curry paste and coconut milk.

White Bean Soup 

This simple white bean soup can be made in just under 30 minutes.

Vegan Black Bean Burrito 

Black beans, bell peppers, onions & avocado are some of the ingredients that make up this meal 

Vegan fettuccine alfredo 

Who would have thought that mixing some veggies and nuts could make a creamy sauce with a dairy flavor? 

Falafel Burgers 

This falafel burger is a fantastic healthy dinner option! It is also gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan.  

Kale soup 

The deliciousness of this kale soup with a burst of tangy flavor will be a perfect meal to end your day with. 

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