Amazing, this 56 year old model looks like 20, but how?


This is Chuando Tan 56-year-old model, filmmaker, and photographer.

Author: Sangeet Jaiswal

Meet Chuando Tan The 56-year-old model-photographer-filmmaker from Singapore

Credit: Instagram/ChuandoTan

Fashionista Tan with his ensemble choice of clothing is a fashionista gathering 1.2M followers

Credit: Instagram/ChuandoTan

Fashionista Chuando is known for his fashion shoots as well.  He became popular after being featured in a chinese website in 2017

Credit: Instagram/ChuandoTan

Fitness Enthusiast He says age shouldn't be an excuse to stay fit.  He does strength training 4 times a week.

Credit: Instagram/ChuandoTan

Nothing more than a 20 Chuando recently celebrated his 56th birthday, but he looks nothing more than a 20

Credit: Instagram/ChuandoTan

Ready for Showbiz He seems to be absolutely ready for the showbiz at 55. He debuted as an actor in 2019 with Precious Is The Night

Credit: Instagram/ChuandoTan

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