Elon conducts poll asking weather he should resign from Twitter? results here - Newsum

Newsum |  Author : Akanksha Choudhary Published on Dec 17 2022

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has started a poll after implementing a whirlwind of policy changes over the past several days.

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Elon posted a poll asking "Should I Resign as Twitter CEO?" 

This is the poll results for now. There is still 5 hours left before the poll ends.

This is what the following tweet read after conducting the poll.

Musk has come under fire for significant policy changes on the platform.

One of these changes was: the accounts of numerous journalists bring suspended by Elon on Thursday.

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This survey follows Twitter's announcement that it would block accounts that promoted particular social media platforms.

Well get to know if Elon would actually follow through with these poll results in around 5 hours!

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