Why did NASA crash into an asteroid?

image source: nationalgeographic.com

As a proof of concept, NASA will perform the first full-scale planetary defence mission ever.

image source: thejapantimes.com

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, is the name of this mission.

video source: Youtube/NASA

the mission involves moving at 14,000 mph and smashing a 1,340-pound probe into Didymos' moon (asteroid).

image source: nbcnews.com

Numerous asteroids and comets, among other cosmic objects, orbit the Sun and frequently collide with the Earth.

image source: thejapantimes.com

A few of these can be concerning, but the most are too little to propose a threat.

image source: nbcnews.com

a near-Earth object is regarded as a threat if its at least 460 feet in diameter and passes within 4.6 M miles of Earth.

Early detection is essential for safeguarding the planet from cosmic threats.

The DART mission will represent the initial effort to divert a sizable asteroid.

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